5 Travel Essentials when travelling to Ireland

The blog will give you a quick checklist to things you shouldn’t forget to bring when visiting Ireland. Without delaying will get straight onto the list.

Leap card: A leap card is one of the most important items you can buy when coming to Ireland. It can be bought in most corner shops in Ireland for around €5. You can also top up the card in these shops for your travels ,€20 should cover you for your first couple of days . With your leap card you save up to 31% compared to buying your ticket normally for public transport.

Audible books : When you come to Ireland you will probably be looking to travel to different parts of the Island. Audible books can be a great way to pass the time from one county to another. Also there a great way to build up knowledge of places to visit when on your travels. On another note they could be a way of bringing up conversation with someone on your travel should you be travelling alone.

If you’re interested in two free audible books you can click on the link below and sign up for Audible’s 30 day free trial.

Clothing : Ireland’s weather is so unpredictable you can get 4 seasons in the space of an hour. If you do manage to get caught out with the weather conditions there is a Penney’s in nearly every major city in Ireland where you’ll be able to pick up whatever you may need for your daily event. A light jacket would be the one piece of clothing that would be essential for whatever time of the year you’re coming to Ireland.

International Bank card : When travelling to Ireland I’d advise that you look into signing up for a bank card that is going to stop you incurring bank charges for using the card outside it’s home country. Depending on the particular atm’s you will be incurring unnecessary charges that could be used to buy yourself an extra pint or two. I would reccomend if you are a EU resident that you apply for a Revolut card before you arrive in Ireland.

The final point isn’t a piece of equipment but just a bit of advice .Try not fall into some of the tourist traps when you come to Ireland you won’t get the true experience of visiting Ireland going to all the places tourist go. Try any bar or restaurant and speak to some of the locals and they’ll point you in the right direction if there is something that you’re looking to do.

I have a blog about Dublin nightlife that you might find interesting should you be thinking of visiting Dublin.

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8 replies on “5 Travel Essentials when travelling to Ireland”

I can’t wait for travel season to open again in the future. I have been to England and Scotland on a number of occasions, but never had the pleasure of going to Ireland, yet. Can’t wait to one day see the Isle of Emerald Green.


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