5 Quick and Easy Training changes for big results

The blog will highlight 5 easy changes that we all can do to improve our overall fitness level and live a healthier life.

  1. The first change is probably the most obvious and that’s to simply find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing . Many people take on some sort of class or exercise that they don’t really enjoy going too but continue going until they find a valid excuse to ditch the workout. So just remember the type of workout doesn’t always have to be a music blaring ,sweat dripping hour of hell but could simply be step counting along your favourite walk ways as long as you continue to see progress and push yourself each workout. This is a fantastic workout.This leads me onto my next point.

2. Accountability. You need to make an effort to track your workouts . So that whatever type of training you undertake you want to see progression 2,4 or 8 weeks down the line from the day you started. This applies to running ,weight training or walking etc . If you run 5km in 30 minutes well in 4 weeks you want to be below this . If you’re weight training you want to have improved you lifts whether that’s by 5kgs or simply just half a kg you want to see improvement over a certain period. While if you’re step counting more steps covered over a period of time is a great way to measure your progress. This seems obvious to anyone that starts training. If you’re honest with yourself how often do you go through the motions when training with no tracking log of your past workouts ,if you continue like this your never going to see improvement as you’ve never improved from last week or weeks previously .With a tracking log you’ll have some sort of accountability when you train.

3. Find out your caloric maintenance. In lay mans terms you need to find out how many calories you can have before you put on weight or lose weight . From here you can adjust your caloric intake in line with your own personal goals.

4. Track your calories. This can be torture for some people and can be abit of a pain in the arse for want of a better word. But I would suggest that you even just track for three days every piece of food and liquid you consume over those three days just to give you an idea why you have been putting on weight or losing weight over the last couple of weeks. I’d say you will get a slight shock with the results. But never sacrifice foods that you like eating just because your tracking your calories.

My homemade curry will always have space in my caloric intake.

5. Shopping changes . What we all can do is make some small smart changes when shopping in our supermarkets that will have a massive effect on our overall health and fitness. For e.g just change the type of yoghurt you eat there always a healthier option, maybe try the leaner beef option, try maybe a low calorie sliced pan or even a high cocoa% bar . There are unlimited ways that you can make small improvements when you shop that will lead to great results when it comes to your overall fitness and health.

I hope you got some value from the blog and if you have any questions please do leave a comment. But if you would like any more information on any of the topics you can download a free ebook with this link

But if anyone is interested in a free workout and meal plan in line with your own personal goals I would happily forward you on your own personal plan, I’m currently providing this service while I wait to launch my PT business online in the next few weeks.

If interested please just fill in this quick questionnaire and I will get back to the first couple of people who fill in the questionaire.

Thanks for reading guys.

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