Dublin Nightlife

With Ireland welcoming back tourists to the country I feel it’s a good time to give a insight into some of the best pubs and late bars to spend your time in while visiting Dublin. The post is going to be split into three sections. Temple bar , pubs away from the tourist traps and the late bars and nightclubs.

Night shot of River Liffey; Ha’penny bridge; dublin city

Temple bar

When visiting Dublin temple bar is an area that everyone must see and spend time in .You will hear people say that it’s a tourist trap and this I would agree with but certainly wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on experiencing the fun and laughter that can be had while in temple bar.

While in Templar bar I would recommend that you try the quay bar .It can be found on the main square of temple bar and come the weekend it starts to get very busy from early with live music being played throughout the day. A pint of cream here will be expensive compared to any pub outside of temple bar but the atmosphere from early makes up for that .

Once you mange to pull yourself out of the quay bar there are many other option’s for you in temple bar and the one’s that you must try are temple bar pub and the auld dubliner. Both are great pubs for live music and you will be 100% guaranteed a great night but it certainly won’t be a cheap one. With pints nearly coming to €8 and should you want a spirit and soft drink you’ll want to have a talk with your bank because it won’t come with much change.

To conclude with temple bar if your’e coming to meet locals and find out what it’s like to visit Dublin temple bar isn’t the place to go,but if you want a great night from start to end and your pockets run deep go for it ,you’ll have a fantastic time. But if you want to know where all the locals go on their weekends continue reading.

Pubs away from the tourist traps

Right guys if you’ve managed to survive temple bar and you’re ready to take on your next pub James Toner aka Toner’s is next on our list . Everyone will say their pubs serves the best Guinness in the land but Toner’s arguably has one of the best pint’s of cream out there. Toner’s don’t just do a great pint they have an unbelievable beer garden which are very few and far between when visiting Dublin,but when a Ireland rugby game or a Dublin match is on it’s very hard to beat the atmosphere in Toner’s for sure.

Next will move onto camden street where you will find are next few pubs . Camden street is one of the most popular streets in Dublin for night life . But in my opinion is the one area you must go to when in Dublin as it rivals temple bar for it fun and laughter . When on this street the pubs i’d look out for are Devitt’s, Ryan’s and Huck’s. These pubs offer great live music that is even better than temple bar and with real Irish folk songs mixed in with songs we all love to sing along too. These pubs will all be packed come a Friday and Saturday night with people from throughout the country so you will be guaranteed a fun time . You will also be charged the normal price for a pint while in these pubs so your pockets won’t feel as light the next day .

A little tip Huck’s has two singers that like to have a little bit of banter with tourists and try and call out any tourist in the crowd so if you’re up for a little bit of banter do give huck’s ago during your stay.

Late bars and Nightclubs

The newest late bar introduce to Dublin is the Camden and is found on camden street and if you’re looking for a night going into the early hour’s I would recommend that you visit here . The bar is for over 23s Monday to Sunday so make sure you don’t forget your ID as you will be asked on entry. When inside the bar is a sports bar with one of the biggest screens in Europe and with many other screens throughout the bar that you can watch any sporting event on ,the bar also has pool tables should you need a few hours of chill before another big night .But come 10 o’clock the staff remove a lot of the tables and the bar turns into an incredible nightclub, and is the best one in Dublin in my opinion. The bar closes normally at 2:30 am on the weekend and if you feel you have a little bit more left in the tank there’s only one place you can go Coppers.

Coppers some of you might know already as it’s probably Dublin’s most popular venue when it come’s to partying . The reason the venue is so popular is because it’s the only bar in Dublin that can stay open after 3:30 am. The nightclub I would best describe as a war zone and would recommend that you do try it for at least an hour while in Dublin. You will be met will pop classic’s and cheesy love songs on entry and will battle your way to get a drink at the bar even at 3 o’clock in the morning. If you want to know how it really feels to live like a Dub you will have to do a night in the coppers trenches and have the stamp in the morning to prove it.

Just to note coppers and a few of these venue still aren’t open yet due to Covid 19 but hopefully in the next few weeks will be back to normal .

A final tip: if you find yourself in Dublin on a nice summer’s day do visit dame lane it can be found behind the mercantile if you’re walking from temple bar it is just across from the central bank. The street will normally have a busker at the bottom of the lane singing and everyone in the surrounding pubs come out onto the street to watch and sing into the evening .One of Dublin’s hidden gems.

To conclude I hope this can persuade you to come visit Dublin one day as honestly I don’t think there is a city in the world that you’ll find people as friendly and open to welcoming guest to their city.

Please leave a comment at the bottom,would love to hear you’re thoughts.And if you’d need anymore information on spending time in Ireland there is a link here to a guide that’s even more informative

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