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The site looks to provide a service that takes the stress and time out of researching where you would like to go on your next city break. We look to provide you with first-hand experiences within a number of cities throughout Europe. We wanted to stop customers from wasting time looking for the best places within a city as we promote weekend breaks where we want you to enjoy every second of your stay. Consider this on your next night out did I get value for money, did that €150 give me a new experience,  because at the Travel Watchdog  we provide you with the chance to get the best out of cities throughout Europe and  providing you with the chance to maximize a causal weekend and stop wasting time and money on the same old weekend .

The next post will be up in the next day or two where we will be looking to give readers our experiences of Munich Germany. The blog hopes to give you insights into European cities in our eyes and other tourists .We hope to give you prime locations to go and visit while your in a certain city .


What to expect from the Munich blog, the blog will we broke down into a number of blogs bringing you a breakdown of places to visit pubs ,clubs and one or two special locations that are probably unknown to a number of people until they visit Munich .

Hopefully, the blog caught your attention and you will read our next blog here at Travel Watchdog. P.S what do you think of our image it was taking while away in Rome?

By travelwatchdog

Looking to provide value in all areas of travel.

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